What is Transformational Inquiry?


Transformational Inquiry (TI) is about changing the world…very slowly. By diving into the root causes of our actions, Transformational Inquiry initiates individual and collective changes that can serve the common good for generations to come. In the process of this work we uncover unexpected personal wisdom and compassion. We deepen community relationships and we discover powerful resources for sustaining social justice work.


      TRANSFORMATIONAL INQUIRY: Change from the Root of Your Being 



Your intrinsic nature is pure Joy   

It’s buried under a pile of garbage.

Dig your way through and

Joy emerges spontaneously!



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Inquiry is for:


Faith Communities… See video: Transformational Inquiry in Faith Communities 

Video: Spiritual Applications of Transformational Inquiry

Facilitator Training

Health and Wellness


For those brand new to TI, please consider listening as Ken Wilber interviews Tom Thresher about Transformational Inquiry work with leaders, (of faith and others), applying Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. MP3 Link HERE!

Find Tom’s book here: Reverent Irreverence.

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