Lasting Change

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  ― Rumi

How often have you tried to make a change only to have your successes erode over time?  Ever made a New Year’s Resolution and not even had the motivation to start?  Have you begun a project with colleagues only to undermine your  own best efforts?

Welcome to Human Race!

We say we want to change; but change is difficult and frustrating.  Is there something wrong with us?  NO.  We’re just working against ourselves. We rely on will power to change rather than inquiring into our compelling reasons not to change.  Our most noble desires for self improvement are often frustrated by  self-protective commitments hidden below our awareness. The tools of Transformational Inquiry invite us to gently investigate those hidden commitments, hold them in the light of awareness,  and invite them to change.

Transformational Inquiry is paradoxical, counter-intuitive and grounded in the world’s spiritual traditions.  I call it Crazy Wisdom. In my new book, Crazy Wisdom: Tools for Transforming Consciousness, I develop a spectrum of practices that will gently challenge the hidden beliefs that keep you trapped in patterns you’d rather change. Here’s an overview of the paradoxical wisdom that can change your life:

Judgments reveal nobility.

Blame inspires hope.

Fear will set you free.

You always lose the war with your mind.

Rationality is a delusion.

What you resist persists.

Doubt everything.

Your body never lies.

Love your enemy . . . really.

And  the granddaddy of them all: DON’T FIX ANYTHING!

For 12 years I have led individuals and  small groups through Transformational Inquiry in my faith context.  I have seen all kinds of personal and collective change.  I am now taking this work more broadly into the world.  If you would like to learn about lectures, workshops and trainings contact me  here . 

Tom is the first person we have invited to train Immunity to Change™ facilitators for a specific context, and we have every confidence in his ability to stay true to the core of Immunity to Change™ while adapting it to faith communities. We are absolutely delighted that Tom has decided to offer this program and enthusiastically recommend this training! You are in for a huge treat. Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey

 Tom Thresher’s Transformational Inquiry is a superb practice for exposing and transforming the core assumptions that run–and sometimes ruin–your life.  Incredibly effective and easy to practice, I can unconditionally recommend this work. Ken Wilber